Faksemose's F. Aske (Anton)

Dundee/Frejahvalp 6 uger, nu 11 uger.

Labrador Retriever

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We run a small kennel, which got the name Faksemoses in 1992. We breed labradors in 2 colours - black and chocolate.
We attend to at lot of shows, hunting test and real hunting with all our labradors. All our dogs live indoors together with us, and our puppies are always raised in our house. We only have one or two litters pr year.

Name & address:
Lene Nielsen
Onsved Huse 3
Lyngerup, 4050 Skibby

Tel.no:+45-48 39 12 55
Cell.no:+45-22 83 18 56

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