Swedish Champion Little PomPom's Mistletoe Joe won Best in Show male puppy at our Specialty Show when he was 5,5 months old. He was also No. 1 Pom on the Swedish Kennel Club's list & No. 1 male on the Swedish Pomeranian Club's list in 2004

Little PomPom's Strawberry Shortcake & Little PomPom's Sugarplum Delight are sired by my CH Little PomPom's Mistletoe Joe. Mother is my bitch Little PomPom's Beautiful Legend, who is linebred on CH Great Elms Mr Chips. Next is Little PomPom's Unexpected Fire (Irish Export), son of Strawberry Shortcake and sired by Irish import Belliver Fire Connection, who’s half brother was the Crufts 2012 Toy Group Winner

Little PomPom's Shady Legend & Little PomPom's Moon Legend are sired by my USA import Velocity's Simply a Legend, who is the half brother of Velocity's Shake Your Bon Bon, Best of Breed Winner at the 2009 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show! Little PomPom's Nikki Sixx has all my imports mixed in him and he is the great great grandson of my Great Elms Cayleen. He has Hadleigh, Great Elms and Cradarr lines plus Parker behind him!


Dog pages:
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* CH Little PomPom's Mistletoe Joe (Swedish Champion)
* CH Little PomPom's Tumble Weed Tom (Swedish Champion)
* JWW Little PomPom's Black Widow (Jr. World Winner 2002, Qualified for Crufts, Finnish export)
* CH Cin Dur Classic PJ (Canadian CH & Canadian import)
* CH Drakedram Shaded Wolf (Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Nordic, International CH & European and Swedish Winner 1999, Qualified for Crufts)
* CH Ultra-Diamond Beauty Du Panache D'Or (Luxemburg Jr. Champion, Swedish Champion, French import)
* Great Elms Cayleen (USA import)
* Velocity's Simply A Legend (USA import)
* Little PomPom's Amazing Litter of Five Girls
* Little PomPom's Beautiful Legend
* Little PomPom's Dirty Diana
* Little PomPom's Hanoi Rocks
* Little PomPom's Laura Ashley
* Little PomPom's Moon Legend
* Little PomPom's Moonfire (USA export)
* Little PomPom's Nikki Sixx
* Little PomPom's Prince Valiant
* Little PomPom's Princess Valkyria
* Little PomPom's ShadowDancer (Guadaloupe export)
* Little PomPom's Shady Legend (Finnish export)
* Little PomPom's Smoking Gun (Irish export)
* Little PomPom's Stardust
* Little PomPom's Steel Magnolia (Finnish export)
* Little PomPom's Strawberry Shortcake
* Little PomPom's Unexpected Fire at Glenvalley (Irish Export)
* Little PomPom's Valentine Vampire

About my kennel:
Little PomPom's is a small kennel where every dog is a family member. I want to be able to give every individual dog the care and attention that it needs.

I bought my first Pomeranian (dvärgspets) in 1995 and my aim is to breed healthy and mentally sound dogs who will give lots of pleasure to their owners.

I use top winning American and English bloodlines in my breeding program and I am very partial to the American typed Pomeranian.

I mainly work with the Great Elms lines, through my imports, and have mixed them with the English Cradarr lines to get my dream pedigree.

All dogs are delivered in accordance with the Swedish Kennel Club's (SKK) rules.

Please take some time to have a look at my gallery and my links. There are about 400 links to Pomeranian sites.

Have fun and please visit again!


All photos and text on this site are copyrighted and may NOT be used without the written permission of the owners of photo and authors of text. Please respect this!

Alla foton och all text på denna site har copyright och får EJ användas utan skriftlig tillåtelse av ägarna till foton samt av upphovsmännen till text. Vänligen respektera detta!


Köp endast hund ifrån en uppfödare som är registrerad i en Kennelklubb. Se till att hunden har registreringsbevis, nödvändiga vaccinationer samt är ID-märkt. Bli inte en del av plågeriet mot försvarslösa valpar!

Innan du köper en Pomeranian, bör du informera dig om rasen genom att läsa rasklubben’s officiella skrivelse RAS (Rasspecifik Avelsstrategi) som är framtagen i samarbete med Svenska Kennelklubben. Denna finns att läsa på Svenska Pomeranianklubben's hemsida (se länkar för info).

Only buy a dog from a breeder registered with a Kennel Club. Make sure the dog has all the necessary papers and vaccinations required. Don't be a part of cruelty towards defenseless puppies!

Välkommen att ringa för information om ifall valpar eller äldre hundar finns till salu.

I sometimes have puppies or older poms available.

Please contact me for more information or if you just want to talk pom!

I do not sell my poms to homes that already have medium sized or large dogs, nor to families with small children. I only sell for show and pet purpose, no breeding.

I do not export my dogs abroad unless it is to a reputable breeder/handler.

Note: To my best ability, I only use lines that are free from the potentially lethal merle gene.

* Enligt bästa förmåga använder jag endast linjer som är fria ifrån den potentiellt dödliga merle-genen.


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Little PomPom's
Marie Wixström

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